13 Inexpensive Date Night Ideas

Sometimes in our day to day life we get so busy with work, kids, errands, etc. that we forget that the most important thing about the family is for mommy and daddy to stay connected. We have all done it. You lose a sense of the dating “honeymoon” phase after kids, and life goes on and gets crazy. Somewhere along the way being Super Girlfriend turns into being Super Mom where everything became all about your kids and not always all about your spouse. 

Here is a list of thirteen inexpensive and easy things you can do day or night to bring the dating life back to your marriage, because YES you should be dating your husband and enjoying time together!

 – Cook together – find a meal you have never tried and dive in.

- Go bowling – there’s nothing more fun then a little hubby wife competition while bowling.

- Have a game night – our favorite household game is Yahtzee!

Have a living room camp out – blow up an air mattress or make a comfy spot on the floor, get all the blakets and pillows in the house, and snuggle up together for the night.

- Pack a picnic and head to a park, lake or river. Being outside relaxing with good company and a nice lunch is cute and fun. Make it a little more romantic and pack some champagne and strawberries.

- Go to a sporting event.

- Have a movie marathon – we prefer scary movies of all types, it really gives you a reason to cuddle up with your main squeeze.

- Go to a new restaurant, preferably of a totally different ethnicity. Exploring the taste of the world without leaving your city is an adventure in itself.

- Have a spa night with candles, bubbles, massage oil, and the works. It’s very romantic and you both can relax.

- Go on a hike

- Visit the zoo

- Go on a treasure hunt – grab a small amount of cash and hit the garage sales. See all the fun things you can pick up for $20.00.

- Make homemade pizzas – hit the store together, grab all of your favorite ingredient,s and head home to get your bake on.

These are just a few of many ideas to keep the fun going. When life is busy you can’t expect to spend every night together with just each another, so include the kids in a few of these ideas for a family date night. The point is not to let your busy life get in the way of enjoying and spending quality time with the most important people in your life. Don’t wait…why not start dating again? There’s no better day to start than today!

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