DIY Pennant Banner Necklace – From Paint Chips!

I’ve fallen in love with some of the colorful geometric statement necklaces that I’ve seen lately, but I have two problems. First of all, I’m ridiculously cheap. I’m even more impatient. When I want something, I want it NOW, and I also want it for as inexpensive as possible. F-R-E-E is my favorite four-letter word. I’m also a paint chip hoarder, so I put two-and-two together and came up with this incredibly simple necklace that looks quite similar to some of the more expensive pieces that I’ve had my eye on.
Start by selecting your paint chip colors. I wanted a two toned look, so I chose two colors from the same paint chip. Single colors also look nice, and a gradiant using the entire paint chip would look amazing too!
I sketched out my design on the back of my paint chip. My triangles are 1.25″ long and 1″ wide at the top.
Cut out your triangles – you’ll want two for each pennant in your banner (front and back).
Glue your front and back pieces together. I like to use rubber cement so that it ensures a good seal, and you can also use your finger to easily rub away any excess rubber cement that might seep out. When your triangles are dry, use a ruler and edge them with a metallic paint marker.
Use a large needle to poke a hole in the two upper corners of each triangle.
Assemble your necklace as shown. Use a small jump ring through the holes of each triangle, and secure the jump rings at the edges to a length of chain. You may choose to add a clasp to your necklace, but I made mine long enough so that I can slip it on over my head.
Give your finished necklace a coat of Diamond Glaze or Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to seal it and give a glossy 3-dimensional effect. Allow 24 hours for the necklace to fully cure and harden before wearing it.
Voila! An easy peasy statement necklace created just for you (by you!)!
(Thanks to Sawyer, my six-year-old, for the final 3 photos here. He’s working on his “photonographer” skills today.)


  1. Sawyer did a great job and so did you! I really like this idea – clever, easy, and people might actually have this many [or this few, depending on how you look at it] paint chips on hand.


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