Fun Ways to Wear a Hair Scarf

The sun is still shining, and it doesn’t seem like the summer heat is going away any time soon, which can make getting ready for the day somewhat unbearable. Today I’m going to let you in on a quick, fashion-forward way to style your hair so that you can look good and feel comfortable while enduring those lovely 100 plus degree days. It is one special accessory that you can wear so many different ways to suit your style…. a scarf! Not the thick neck warming scarf you would wear in winter, but a light-weight, shear or thin knit one that allows for you to tie it up with a cute ponytail, bun, or wrap your hair with loose curls. It adds a little flair to an outfit and gives you a relaxed, stylish look.
You can pretty much find scarves in any Target store, department store, or beauty store. Just recently I found one I love for $10.00 at Wilson’s Leather. If you’re anything like me and love looking your best with minimal effort, then this is a great idea that either you already know of or perhaps you just haven’t implemented it. What better time than summer to try something new and wear in different ways to see what you feel best in. So next time you’re out shopping, pick one up! They are inexpensive and you can also tie them to a purse for some added color, use as a belt, tie around a hat, or even use as a neck tie. The possibilities are endless– go see for yourself and enjoy your fun, new, and easy look!

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