Crafting with Kids: Marble Painting

Today Stella and I discovered a really fun way to paint some cool pictures using marbles instead of brushes. We first saw the idea over at Mom’s Crafty Space, and we couldn’t wait to give it a try!
For this project we used:
~Washable acrylic paints
~A cheap lasagna pan (we picked ours up at the dollar store)
~A heavier grade paper (although any would work for this particular project)
~ 5 regular sized marbles
*We found out that we had to tape the paper down in the pan since the marbles would roll under the sheet rather than on top. After we taped it down it worked perfectly.
Squeeze different colored drops of paint onto your paper.
Add as little paint or as much as you want – it’s fun to let the kids experiment with different amounts. 
Put the marbles in the pan, and roll them around. Watch the colors mix together creating all sorts of fun pieces. I’m even thinking about framing them to hang in Stella’s room to show off for fun. 
Stella had such a good time doing this, she asked to do over and over. It looks like I will be getting a bunch of new frames soon!

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