Dressing for Amusement Parks


This past weekend was my third visit to the Happiest Place on Earth!  Upon booking my ticket, I was so excited about the rides, the shopping, the characters, but I soon began to find myself panicking about what to wear, how to pack, what to bring, what shoes to wear…?  Thankfully, the friend I visited the park with is an annual pass holder and had no problem giving me some much-needed direction—basically telling me to dress for comfort and not for style.

So I put back my skinny jeans, flowy top, and ballet flats and made a bee-line for the closest Target store.  Here’s what I found:
Comfy Sneakers with Support.  These made it through eleven hours of amusement park madness that included all of the stair climbing, standing in line, and running (yes, I said running….how else were we going to manage to beat strollers, packs of children, and other thrill-seekers to the front of the line?) that you could imagine.  With these, my feet were not nearly as tired as I’d expected. 
Fitted Activewear Capri Pants. The exercise material was breathable, the dark color hid any wet spots that had accumulated from riding any water-related rides (i.e., Splash Mountain or the Pirates of the Caribbean) and it even had a thick, Spanx-like waist-band that helped hide this new tummy that I inherited from being pregnant. 
Endurance Tee. Wearing a loose tee shirt helped reduce the amount of sunscreen I had to slather on my upper body and the material of this particular one was sweat and water resistant—always a plus!

Cross-body lightweight bag.  The small shoulder purse that I intended to bring would not have allowed the hands-free result of a cross-body bag.  This one that I found worked great and managed to hold wallets, phones, cameras, souvenirs, sunglasses, and car keys for two! 

So overall, the fashion-forward outfit that I had originally planned to wear did not suffice. And although I ended up looking like I just walked out of yoga class, I was very happy to have friend remind me that Disneyland is not a Runway and when standing next to Mickey Mouse….no one is looking at you. 

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