How Does a Busy Mom Keep a Clean House?

So, how do I keep my house clean with two kids aged 2 and under? I never sit down! Literally, If I sit down my house gets messy. It is all about multi tasking.
If your…

Kid is playing outside – water the yard, weed, get the mail, wash the car.
Kid is napping – give yourself a small break then back to it!
Kid is playing in the kitchen – prep and make food for the day, do dishes, clean countertops, mop the floor, clean out fridge.
Kid is playing in your bedroom – put away laundry, clean the bathroom, dust, organize, wash bedding.
Kid is playing in living room – fold laundry, fluff pillows, dust.
Kid is in the bath – fold laundry, clean bathroom.
Kid is asleep for the night – have a cocktail! Just kidding, you have more work to do! Dishes, laundry, pick up the living room, work out, meal plan.
Baby is crying – wear them in a sling and keep on going!

Now when I am doing all of this multi tasking I also have to be mindful to play with my kids. When they start whining or getting needy I stop what I am doing and give them my full attention to make them feel important.
Kids love to help, so give them a job!
- Cook and bake with them on the counter
- Have them put laundry in and start machine
- Let them use the vacuum or a broom (even if they don’t know how)
- Give them a towel and a spray bottle. Have them wash the tub, floor or anything you will be cleaning next.

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