How to Preserve Fresh Herbs

Did you have an abundant herb garden this year? Or do you just like to buy fresh herbs from your store or farmer’s market? Thanks to another Pinterest find (from The Kitchn), I learned that you can now save those amazing herbs for the Winter. 
I just tested this out with my basil plant. [Side note: Did you know that if flowers start to grow on your basil plant it will be hosed? Pinch off those flowers as they come in and your plant will grow out of control.]
First, I harvested my basil leaves and chopped them up pretty roughly.
Second, I put about a tablespoon of the basil in my ice cube tray.
Third, I filled it up with olive oil. 
Fourth, I froze it over night.
Fifth, I took the cubes out and put them in a freezer Ziploc bag (labeled of course with the date and herb I used).
Later that day, I tested it out and put the cube in a bowl.
I threw a little balsamic vinegar in the bowl with the olive oil and basil cube along with some salt and pepper. It made a great dip! I’m saving the rest for the winter!


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