Inexpensive DIY Sugar Scrub

As an esthetician, I always purchase high quality skin care for the face, but for the body? Nope! $30+ on something that just goes down the drain? No, thank you…I will make my own!

Here is what I use (from my pantry):

  • 1 cup of sugar (I like sugar rather than salt, because it does not sting your skin)
  • 2 tbsp or so of olive oil, jojoba or grape seed oil
  • (Optional) A few drops of essential oil of your choosing – orange and lavender are a favorite

-Mix together in a bowl or a jar
-Apply to skin in circular motions

Why use a scrub?
Scrubs make your self tanner go on without streaks. They get rid of the dead skin so your oils and moisturizers can better penetrate the skin, and they make your skin silky soft!


  • Use your scrub before you shave.
  • Use it every other day to keep ingrown hairs away.
  • Apply lotion afterwards.
  • Add coffee grounds from your mornings coffee to invigorate your skin. I thank my friend Lisa for this one! :)

Caution: Sugar scrub makes your shower floor slippery, so be sure to warn your husband…or don’t depending on your mood ;)


  1. Thanks! Can you store this at all?

    • Thanks for reading Kat! Yes, in my own experience you can store it but I was reading a while ago if you are going to use it sparingly and have it around for a long time, to use a tongue depressor instead of your fingers and try to keep it up high in the shower so water is not sitting on/around it. Some people even keep it in the fridge. If you see any mold at all, you gotta toss it.

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