Tips For Traveling With A One-Year-Old

This was Zoey’s second plane trip over to North Carolina to visit my husband’s family.  The first trip, she was only 4 months old and she basically slept the whole time.  Now, she’s 14 months old and a whole lot more active.  Plus it’s a LONG travel day.

My friend, Alicia, just took her little girl over there a few months ago and I asked her for advice.  She told me not to go.  Ha!  Sorry, that wasn’t an option. 

Look at this face as we were in the airport about to take off – Miss Stinker:

Thankfully, Zoey never really cried or screamed.  She did get restless on the long flight and we had to work hard to keep her occupied. 
First things first – my top 3 packing tips:

1.       I shipped her diapers and wipes out to North Carolina from Amazon.  That way they would be there for us and I didn’t have to haul any out there.
2.       I packed Zoey’s things in my big roller bag.  It still came in under weight and we didn’t have to pay for an extra bag. 
3.       I packed her an entire outfit for each day and put it in a zip lock.  That included socks/shoes, hoodie and hair accessories – the works!  My husband loves when I do this even though it’s totally anal. 
My top 5 things that kept Zoey busy on the plane (since she wasn’t sleeping!):
1.       We fed her a lot – string cheese, Cheerios, yogurt snacks, fruit and veggie pouches and fruit bites.
      Note: you can bring anything on the plane that you need for your child.  They just might have to do some extra checking/scanning at security.
2.       We read to her – We got her a new book, “No More Monkeys Jumping On the Bed”.  Make sure you tickle your child when you say that line, it never got old.


3.       We let her loose down the aisle – Actually my husband walked her up and down for a good while.
4.       We pulled out “the big guns” – As my husband calls the iPad.  We chocked it full of her favorite Bubble Guppies episodes.  Get the “Tooth on the Loose”, “Have a Cow”, and “Legend of Pinkfoot”.   These kept her occupied the most. 
5.       We improvised – Towards the end of the flight, she just wanted off – as did we.  We could tell she was hitting her limit, so I grabbed the Sky Mall catalogue and I let her pull each page out, one-by-one.  “Rip!” This took a good chunk of time up and she was totally enthralled.  Sorry Sky Mall – we’ll have to do without a ‘Teach your kitty how to use the toilet kit”.  Yes, that’s a real thing. 

For all that effort, we got to see the best family-in-law a girl could ask for and had a wonderful trip:

(Photo by Melissa Cackovic of Pinky Promise Photography in North Carolina)

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