6 Ideas To Bring Fresh Style To Your Bedroom

I would love to walk into this bedroom each night.
Source: The Tiny Abode
So, my sweet husband said I could re-decorate our bedroom for my birthday present this year.  I’m just starting…haven’t gotten very far yet.  Decorating a bedroom is a challenge for a busy Mom & Dad of a toddler and two black cats, who like nice things but are realistic as to what they can and can’t have (ie. white duvet cover-white anything for that matter).

I’ve been jotting down some ideas that are quick and easy and some that are great but maybe a little more expensive, to freshen up our room.  Here’s what I’ve come up with:

1. $ Deep clean your rug or carpet with a steam cleaner or hire a professional – OMG, it’s like getting a new rug.  And it kind of grosses you out at how dirty your rugs can get at the same time.  You can rent a steam cleaner from your grocery store or even a u-haul store for about $44 including the cleaning products. Find out where to rent one here.

2. $ Switch around your art and lamps -  We have different art pieces, photography and lighting all over the house.  Sometimes it’s nice to switch things up and put those pieces in different places/rooms.  Re-decorate using your own stuff!

3. $ Paint your headboard a color -  How cool would it be to have this pop of color in your room!? 
Source: Mr Kate

And here are some tips from our fellow blogger, Heidi, for painting furniture.  I stripped and re-painted our dining room table several years ago, without too much trouble so I imagine doing a headboard would be even less painless. 

4. $ Let the light in –  Sometimes it’s the little things… If you have bulky curtains, tie them back.  If you have blinds, keep them open during the day.  Light makes any room feel bright and cheerful.  Throw a little windex onto those windows too for some extra sparkle (don’t forget the outside).

5. $-$$ Bring the freshness of nature in -

Source: Botany Factory

Add an indoor plant or two, maybe a little terrarium – buy 3 and hang them! ( here is how you can make your own terrarium) or maybe bring in some lucky bamboo.

$$-$$$ Or add some wood elements to bring the outdoors in.  Just a splash of wood, don’t get carried away with too much of any trend.  I almost bought this twig mirror from West Elm to go in our new room but I already had too many mirrors going on.

Source: West Elm

I also like this cool side table for any room in the house.  I almost bought this bed, but they didn’t have it in Cal King, every other size is available though.  Lastly, add a simple wood frame with a fabulous black and white photo in there.  

6. $$$ Buy yourself some new bedding –  What’s better than getting into a cozy bed with all new sheets/duvet/pillows etc.?  My room is fairly modern so I wanted to soften it up.  I grabbed this new duvet and sham set at Pottery Barn.  These are the other ones I was trying to decide from:

Source: Pottery Barn

Source: Crate and Barrel

Source: West Elm

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Click here to see my own before and after photos.
Happy decorating!

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