Flower Hair Accessory Tutorial

I’m a sucker for fun hair accessories- flowers, bows, lace, feathers…..I’m like a moth to a flame!  However when I go to place that fabulous hair accessory into my shopping basket I notice that they want $15 for a clip with some fabric on the end.  In the back of my mind I’m thinking “I could easily make this!”  So here goes…..I’ve put back that store merchandise and am attempting to make my own! 
 Items you’ll need:
  • Half a yard of chiffon
  • Half a yard of tulle
  • Matching thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Hair clip (bobby pin or alligator clip will work)
Fold over the edge of your fabric and begin cutting out half circles- which results in full circles as shown above.  The larger your circles, the larger your flower will be. 
Once you’ve cut out enough circles in the chiffon and tulle fabric, you can then begin assembling your flower.  I ended up using about 12 chiffon circles and 6 tulle circles for this particular accessory since I wanted it on the smaller side.  Feel free to use more or less depending on your preference.
Take one of the chiffon circles and fold it in half as shown above.
Then fold that same piece in half again, forming a triangle.
Make sure to stitch the end so it holds its shape.  Repeat this step so that you get four chiffon triangles.
Place the four triangles so that they form a large circle.  This will be the base of your flower.  Make sure to stitch them together.
For the next layer of your flower, do the same using the tulle circles.  Fold the tulle circle in half, and then again.  Sew a stitch in the end of the triangle and adhere to the center of the base you just created.
Keep adding and alternating layers (chiffon then tulle, chiffon then tulle) so that your flower begins to look full.  Once you’ve reached your desired outcome, tie off the flower at the back of the base.  You can then hot glue this to an alligator clip or stick a bobby pin right through it.  Don’t worry if your fabric starts to fray a bit or that your circles aren’t perfect– you want that vintage, romantic feel.
Clip in your hair, on your shirt, a belt….wherever you’d like (These also make great gifts!). Since I already owned the needles, scissors, and clips, it only cost me about $7 and I could easily have made several of these with how much fabric I bought.  Beats paying that $15 for something you can easily make yourself!



  1. Interesting. Would it be possible to use different fabrics?

  2. I haven’t tried it with other fabrics but I’m sure it would be great!

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