Get Inspired to get Organized

My new motto is 
“Everything has a place and Everything in its place” 

I am so guilty of the throwing my purse on the counter, along side a random battery, bills, etc.  My counter was so messy that I put a bowl to “keep things organized” then the bowl started overflowing. Well I hit my bottom last week. I caught an episode of the the show Hoarders, SCARY. I was afraid that if i kept piling things up on my counter that I would become one of those people. Sooo I decided it was time to clean up...


 We utilized a big wall in our laundry room. Now I have a space for everything. Paper is sorted and organized. Family calendar is updated. I can always find my wallet and keys :) 

* To be filed box
*Coupon box
*His and Hers area for wallets and keys
*Cork board for invitations, post cards and stamps
*Two calendars

Other organizational pictures to get you inspired to get organized

Pottery Barn Daily Wall System
91 magazine


  1. I love it, these are inspiring!

  2. Can you come over to our new place and help me?! LOL.

  3. I love the Pottery Barn Wall System. I need one of these!

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