Glowing Jars Tutorial

For this project all you need are:
- Mason Jar (or other glass jar with lid)
- Fat glow sticks
- Glitter
Crack the glow sticks then carefully cut the top off. 
Use caution when cutting off the top since the liquid can spill all over. 
Pour liquid into the jars and sprinkle in the glitter.
After putting the top on shake the contents up in the jar so the glitter spreads around.

This is super cool for kids at night. If you have enough of them you could line your walk way for Halloween as luminaries. 
(Note: Don’t try and mix water in them like I did! It totally makes the glowing go away.)


  1. Great idea!! Trying this very soon!

  2. Great idea!! Trying this very soon!

  3. We tried this last night, and my boys went CRAZY over it! We used two glow sticks (the large stick kind) and some glitter, but next time I think we’ll skip the glitter since it was glowing stronger before we added it. Love, love, LOVE this idea!

  4. I like the luminaries idea! Might have to do that for the trick-or-treaters.

  5. Does the jar have to be glass. I’m afraid my little one might hurt herself. I love the idea and would like to try it.

  6. We did this with Mountain Dew soda

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