It’s All About Fall Hair Color!

Not only is fall my favorite time of the year for the holidays, food, and all the fun festivities– but being a hairstylist, it’s the time of year when people are more daring to try something new to go with the new season.

I absolutely love when people opt for a dramatic change! Not only is it fun for me but people enjoy new looks even if they are somewhat scared of it. So if you are thinking about a different style, but are a little unsure of what suits you best, here are some tips from a professional!
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I don’t care what anyone says, this look is going to be around for quite some time and it still looks great. It’s perfect for the person who wants to maintain some lightness around your face but is ready to head away from the all over highlighted look. You can go longer in between hair appointments because, depending on the darker color you choose, your “roots” tend to blend as they grow out. It’s a gorgeous outcome and saves you some green in the end!
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If you have darker hair and are looking for something pretty but not too dramatic then this could work for you. By adding some highlights throughout the hair, you can brighten your style without going too far away from the natural dark tones. It also helps to add contrast and depth to your hair. I tend to lean towards warmer tones like caramel or copper for my brunettes, it’s soft, pretty and great for the season change. 
(Note: Highlights in darker hair are wonderful for someone who may be experiencing gray. The highlights help camouflage the whites and grays that stand out in darker hair.)
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If you are pretty daring and want an extreme change then go for a rich red! They are GORGEOUS! I love red hair I just went from platinum blonde to red as well. You want to choose a red that fits your look. A simple, great way to see what type of red you may want is to ask yourself this question: “When I look at the clothes in my closet, are the reds I wear cooler (like a deep blood red) or are they warmer (fire engine or have and orange undertone)?” This will help you determine what type of red will look best on you and keep you satisfied. There are other factors as well so discuss your concerns and questions with your stylist.
YES, red hair does fade faster then most, BUT there is a solution! There are RED SHAMPOOS that your local salons or beauty supply stores carry that help maintain red hair to keep it looking fresh until your next hair service. It’s sassy fun and sexy!! 
*Redheads who do use the red shampoos, watch out if you have lighter highlights as the red shampoo will turn them a shade of pink or red as well. 
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As for my blondes who love to be blonde no matter what, here is a great fall look for you too. I know how much being blonde means to people. It’s a lot of hard work and maintenance to be that perfect shade. If you integrate a few subtle low lights, it will add depth to an all over blonde look and create movement to the hair as well. You’re still as bright as the sun but it’s a slight difference to that summertime blonde hair! 
*For anyone who is looking to change their look but are somewhat afraid of the outcome, take a few pictures to your stylist of the things you love and even things you don’t. It gives the stylist inspiration and keeps you both on the same page of what YOU may be thinking. Remember we all visualize things very differently so having photos to look at brings both minds closer to a common goal.

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