Last Minute Costume Ideas on the Cheap for us Ladies and our Babies!

Ladies first:
orbitz gum costume and flo costume
I always need a last minute costume for work or for perhaps an impromptu pub crawl… Two years ago my sister and I went all ‘commercial’ and were the Orbitz Gum girl and Flo the Progressive Insurance girl.  Easy costumes and didn’t cost us very much.
Here is what you will need for both costumes:
Orbitz Gum Girl – 

  • white skirt
  • white button up shirt
  • scarf, 
  • a bunch of Orbitz gum to pass out 
  • don’t forget that sparkly smile – ding! 
Flo – 

  • white apron with the ‘Progressive’ logo (Lesley did an iron-on transfer using her printer at home)
  • red lipstick 
  • homemade ‘I Love Insurance’ button and ‘Flo’ name tag
  • don’t forget the Snookie inspired bump-it!
I think I’m going to pull this costume together this year.  It’s cheap, like possibly under $20 cheap, depending on what you have. Check out: Rosie the Riveter!  
I do have some guns from picking up my 30-lb. one-year old every day.  
Here is what you will need for Rosie:
  • Red and white polka dot scarf, check this one out for $6.70 (including tax and shipping)
  • The pin for the collared shirt, check this one out for $10 (includes everything) 
  • I already have the chambray shirt, jeans, red lipstick and boots 
  • Lastly, I’ll need to make a sign maybe out of cardboard and paint that says, “We Can Do It”
I also found a cheap idea to make yourself into, Rainbow Brite!  Check out this link to tell you exactly how to create it.
Two other ideas I thought were fairly easy but still unique: Check out Famous Paintings and Where’sWaldo!
And now for our Babies:
I found a great list of DIY kids (toddler-age) costumes on Real Simple, check them out here.  
My favorite for a boy is the Rocket Man:
My favorite for a girl is Little Miss Sunshine:
You can make a scarecrow costume just like fellow blogger, Heidi, did for her 2-year old son, Simon.  Check out how to make it here.  She also has lot of other fun DIY kids costumes here.
Not to leave out our little infants:  
If you can sew, this easy chocolate chip cookie sandwich is to die for. 
If you are like me and can’t sew – run down to Target and pick up your last minute costume.  I like this warm, little, pink ‘wabbit.  It reminds me of one my Mom made when I was little that got passed around the whole family.  She actually got in trouble for making it while at work – I love picturing her pinning up the ears to her cube wall and sewing it on her “breaks”…  And there is nothing cuter than your baby in a ‘Pea in the Pod’ costume!

This was Zoey last year in a hand-me-down chicken costume (she didn’t keep it on very long but she was crazy adorable):
Here is what she is going to be this year (I did mention I didn’t sew right?).  Now to find the warm leggings and undershirt – it’s getting cold out here in Northern CA.
Next year, don’t forget to trade costumes with your friends or look for costume exchange programs in your area.  We had an event in our area in September.  
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  1. OMG I need an infant now – that cookie costume is totally adorbs! Thanks for the shout out too ;) xoxo

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