DIY- Coffee Table Make Over

Adventures in painting furniture!

How I stripped off broken veneer, painted particle board and gained a whole new coffee table

I have a beautiful coffee table that I love from Crate and Barrel. When my son was learning how to walk he was a magnet for this table. So we decided to buy the sticky rubber bumpers and attach to the table so he would not get hurt. Well, my son being old enough and curious, decided to rip the bumpers off. It not only came off, but it took the veneer off with it.

We have been living with this coffee table for way too long. So I challenged myself to a DIY project. I have never attempted anything like this before.

Torn veneer with exposed particle board

1. Strip it! I stripped off the veneer with a 5 in 1 tool. I left the parts that were not torn alone.

2. Sand it!  I used a power sander 180 grit for the particle board and 220 grit for the piece that still had the veneer in good condition

Yep! That’s me, using power tools in Hot Pink rain boots

3. Prime it! Wipe with a dry towel, I used Kilz latex primer with a thick nap roller, I did 2 coats

Ready for second coat of primer

4. Sand it again! 220 grit
5. Paint it! Wipe it with a dry towel, Use a nice brush to apply by hand. To avoid the streaks from a soft roller. I also used 8oz tester paint from Home Depot. I ended up doing 4 coats.
6. Tape it! Tape your lines or use a stencil, I used frog tape for delicate work

The width of the tape was perfect for my stripes
Notice the baby monitor, mom is never off duty

I figured if I would be painting this table that it should be interesting. My house has a very beachy feel, so I thought nautical colors. I wanted a pattern so I put in my Google search engine for patterns and thought the Chevron pattern would fit my theme the best. I tried to tape the pattern and got so frustrated that I did stripes instead. I do no regret that decision ;)

Remove in the opposite direction, close to table, don’t peel up – I had only 2 small spots to clean up where the paint bled
I will be adding a protective coating soon, just have not researched it enough yet

I splurged and bought a new centerpiece for this table. I thought the red of this West Elm tray would look great together and tie in that nautical look.

TIP: Pick out your own paint colors! I relied too much on the employee at Home Depot. I said Navy blue, he seemed confident picking the color out. When I applied it to the table I almost cried. My deadline was fast approaching and the color was all wrong!

Awful color!!

So I hope I can inspire someone to makeover their own beat up piece of furniture and make it new.

My sister Kelley (and fellow blogger) inspired me to redo my bedroom with her recent post! I am hooked on this furniture painting. So here is my next piece. I have a Pinterest trick up my sleeve for this one!! Stay tuned

Raw wood dresser from my Master Bedroom


  1. Lesley,

    Great post. Your next piece you can do you chevron design. Check out the U-Stripe It & Design Tool. It was invented by my dad who was a painter for over 30yrs. We have done chevrons on walls using the tool, I know you can use it on furniture. Again, great idea changing the look to the old furniture and saving money. Best of all you just showed someone how to do this themselves, putting more pride in the piece. Thanks.

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