Found the Best Christmas List App!

ok, I am in love with my new app!!

I can’t even think about Thanksgiving, I am too excited for Christmas. Christmas in my family is so full of tradition that I look forward to it every year. I am not as good as my sister at budgeting, so I have to start early and do a little each month.

I always have a paper list that usually gets lost or wet or crumpled… Not this year! My phone and I are never apart. So I decided to search for an app that would help me with my Christmas list. I found one, and payed .99 cents for it (worth it). It had more than I knew I needed.

“Better Christmas List”

Better Christmas List App from iTunes

Key Features:

 ✔ Create Separate Groups for Family, Friends, Work etc.
✔ Set and Track Budgets for Groups or People
✔ Pass code Feature to Prevent Prying Eyes :)
✔ Intuitive Icons Let You See Status at a Glance
✔ Move Old Gifts Into The Archive Each Year
✔ Track What People Received In Years Past
✔ Integrates With Your Address Book For Ease
✔ Colorful Icons Show Who’s Set and Who’s Not
✔ Shopping list – Sort by store or by Urgency
✔ Export Your Lists to Send to Others

The only downside that I have found is that my iPhone app does not talk to my iPad :( I am hoping for an upgrade.


  1. I agree! I’ve been loving this app ever since you recommended it to me. I LOVE that I can keep it password protected, which drives my kids crazy since they are constantly trying to crack the code lol :)

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