Guys Gift Guide!

Lets face it….here comes Santa Claus, and that means finding the man in your life some new stuff. Every year I end up stumped on what the heck to get for my husband. Half the time I just end up taking him out shopping and having him pick out a few things I know he REALLY wants. Over the years I have found some pretty cool things that range in price, so here we go, Mrs. Claus, lets go shopping for your man!


 Here’s some great ideas for the man who likes to take care of himself.

My husband just started using this line for his hair and absolutely LOVES the conditoner. He has thick curly hair, and this gives him a softer more managable look.
This specific one got the award from Mens Health Magazine for best razor. Just stock up on the cartridge of razor head refills, and your man will be set.
Skin Care Kits
These are awesome ideas since they contain everything a man needs for basic skin care. 
For the Nails
We all have probably looked at our guy’s hands and said to ourselves, “GROSS!” 
Guys like us like to keep they’re hands looking great but don’t always have the right tools to keep it up.
These sets are fun because you two can have mani/pedi nights together and do each others nails. It may sound weird but my husband and I love spending the time pampering each other.
These  are a must have for guys who like to shave often. They can keep up on they’re look while jamming to some tunes with out being late  for work. Plus there is no mess from  little shaved hairs all over the sink that we have to clean up after. Its a win win shaving situation. 

Sports Guy-

Whatever sport your guy may be into getting him a Jersey or anything to represent his team spirit is a MUST. Guys love to show off they’re team especially if they are going to an event or having friends over for a game.
Check out a few different sites to compare prices. If you do plan on buying an “AUTHENTIC” jersey here is a link on what you should look for and how to tell if its real or if your getting ripped off  Authentic or Not
Most of the time an iced cold beer goes best with watching the game. Whatever your team may be represent with a COOL Beer Mug!
For the real sports freak this is the ultimate gift for showing off who you love. Best for the man cave where we ladies do not have to redecorate the house to accommodate for life size stickers of people or objects in our living room. 

Fitness Man-

For the Guys who love to work out you can find everything you need for him to achieve his desired look.
Supplements and proteins are absolutely going to help with that. Ask him what he is looking for if you don’t know and order some great products.
Don’t forget a bag for him to put his things in.
Just a few more random ideas-
I really hope some of these ideas help! Now you can go out and not feel like you have to buy a tie or sweater for the zillionth time. There’s so many different things out there that would make a guy happy. If your still unsure and these ideas aren’t working for you, head over to this website 
It breaks down gifts in all sorts of great easy to find categories!
I will for sure be shopping off the site this year. 

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