No-Sew Felt Banners

A couple of weeks ago I made my daughter, Zoey, a little reading canopy for her bedroom.  As promised, I made a fun, colorful, no-sewing at all (woo hoo), felt banner to finish it off. 

Here is what you will need:

  • 3 yards of ribbon (I used a thin, black, velvet ribbon)
  • 7 squares of felt (I used four different colors – hot pink, light pink, white and gray)
  • small tube of fabric glue


  • Cut out your 5″ triangles (I used a cutting mat that you can get at any craft store but you can also just use a ruler and make your marks with a felt-tip pen)
  • Roll out all of your ribbon (front-side down)
  • Spread out the glue directly onto the ribbon
  • Place the triangle on top and press down
  • The triangles should be equal distances apart from each other (I used my cell phone as a spacer since it was the only thing handy at the time) 

  • Let dry for 2 hours before you move it

 My husband now calls me the ‘Banner Queen’ because once I made the first one, I made a bunch more.  They are so cute and take literally no time at all.

Other ideas:

  • Change up the ribbon so you have a little bit of a different look
This is the 2nd banner for Zoey’s room, I used a little different black & white ribbon
I used a sparkly, red ribbon for this one
  • Use for everyday decor or think about the upcoming holidays
I can’t wait to bring out all my decorations and incorporate this banner on my mantel

I also made a green and gray banner for the holidays…now, where to put it…


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