Rice Krispie Turkeys for Thanksgiving!

Last week I promised that I would share the Turkey Rice Krispie Treat recipe, and here it is! With Thanksgiving this week I thought that you all might possibly want to make these for your own entertainment. Your children will love to make these and will love eating them even more! I just took this batch to Stella’s school for our Family Feast, and everyone LOVED them.
For this you will need:
1 pkg. of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
1 pkg. of Candy Corns
2 Pkgs. Fudge Striped Cookies
1 bag of Mini Marshmallows
6 cups of Crispy Rice Cereal
1/4 cup of Butter

In a large sauce pan melt the butter and marshmallows on low heat until creamy.

Stir in crispy rice cereal and let cool.
After cooling for about 15-20 minutes, start forming your 1 1/2 inch cereal treat balls. You may need to reform them if they are too hot, it’s not always the smoothest assembling process.
While your crispy rice mixture is cooling you can start making the tails.
Melt the chocolate chips in a microwave until smooth.
I like to lay out all my cookies before I start assembling. You will need two cookies per treat.Spread a small amount of melted chocolate onto a cookie. Then place your candy corns onto the melted chocolate.  Five will fit best, but make sure to put the colored part at the top since this is the colorful tail.

Once all the tails are done you can put the rest together.
Remelt the chocolate if necessary.
Using another dab of chocolate attach the cereal balls to the fudge side of the remaining cookies.
Place the tails perpendicular to the base cookie; attach with chocolate.
You can make little eyes on the candy corns with dots of melted chocolate.

With a small dot of melted chocolate on the opposite side, place the heads onto your rice crispy ball.

Cut off the white tip of the remaining candy corns to use for the feet, and attach with a little more melted chocolate so they stay put.

Refrigerate until set.

Voila! There you have it, Turkey Rice Krispie Treats!
Happy Thanksgiving to all !


  1. These are so cute!

  2. These are adorable! Do you know if they can be considered nut-free?


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