Tote Bag Options Under $100 for Moms on the Go

One thing I’ve learned from being a mom is that kids come with stuff- lots and lots of stuff!  From diapers, sippy cups, toys, snacks, clothes, etc. you can feel like a pack animal at times lugging around a diaper bag, your purse, a child (sometimes more than one), a stroller, etc.  Since I can’t invest in more arms, why not look into consolidating some of this stuff ‘cause let’s face it- I’m tired of hauling these things around!
Now that Zane is at an age where I don’t necessarily need a full-fledged diaper bag, I need a purse that can accommodate both my items and some of his.
Here are some great options and all under $100!

I like this one since it comes with a detachable shoulder strap and an outer pocket for easy access to items such as your car keys or cell phone.  It has 3 inside pockets, too!

I love the simplicity of this bag since you can easily take it from work to a play date.  Plus the inside is lined with little, white polka-dots- those get me every time!

This tote offers storage capabilities galore with lots of compartments and a large removable zip pocket that offers additional storage if needed. 



For my flashier mamas, not only is this bag roomy, it has faux snakeskin, sequins, and a bow!  Need I say more?



This handbag fave comes from fellow Eight By Fiver, Kelley, who recently bought this in black and white.  This has a unique snap closure with leather pin that’s pretty awesome for keeping your items secure. 


Made from soft leather, this bag features adjustable straps that most totes lack and a pop of color to add some flare to your outfit.  It is also lightweight which is very convenient considering you’ll probably stuff it with all sorts of kid essentials along with your personal items. 

Loving this one! Animal print not your thing?  This spacious bag comes in 5 different color options, has two outside zip pockets, and three compartments inside.


Sometimes I need a bag that is a little more on the dressier side.  On occiasion I might find myself bringing Zane to work with me, in which case this bag would be great since it can hold all of the essentials and still have room for my iPad (my secret weapon for keeping Zane content while visiting my office).

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