Eight by Five Family Christmas – 2012

Our trees are up, lights and decorations are on and the spiked eggnog is brewing.  We thought we’d share with you, our tree, decorations, traditions and favorite ornaments this year.  

First up, we’ll start with the oldest (that’s me!) and go down the line…

We grew up with the sparse silver tip trees and I love them!  We cut them down each year up in the mountains with our Dad as our family tradition.  Normally, I decorate the whole tree in glass ornaments but this is Zoey’s second Christmas and she is very ‘handsy’.  So I went with a totally different look.  We bought all non-breakable ornaments, added a burlap garland and all white lights.  My favorite new ornament is that little, red house that we got at Target because Zoey points to it and says “haus” like she’s a little girl from Germany.  It’s the cutest.  

homemade christmas tree ornaments decorations

Our tree! No theme here, just lots and lots of handmade, personalized and sentimental ornaments. We got our tree at Mikey’s lot this year after we couldn’t find one that we liked at Apple Hill (we prefer Noble Firs).  You can see more of her family Christmas decorating photos at her Mom’s Crafty Space blog.

And here are Heidi’s favorite ornaments:


Our Christmas tradition for getting our tree is one of my favorite things we do. We go with my Dad up to the mountains, where we have to hunt and hike to find the “perfect tree”.  I love a Silver Tip tree. It displays all my ornaments perfectly. My mom got me started buying glass ornaments. My tree is 98% glass ornaments. So when we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, I had to buy the glass octopus! It is my new favorite :)

Here is our massive tree! We decided that this year we wanted a tall, full tree so we got a 9.5 footer from Gene’s Christmas Tree Lot in El Dorado Hills. Joe decorated it with tons of LED lights so this thing can literally be seen down the street from our front window. We decorated it with an eclectic variety of ornaments- glass ones go up high and the cheapy plastic ones down low since Zane likes to redecorate it.  Check out the disco tree at night!!  My fave ornament is one from my childhood. I actually think it’s pretty hideous looking but it’s one that I’ve always hung on the tree since I was a little girl, so my mom made me take it with me when I moved out. It goes on the back of the tree, but it’s tradition that it HAS to go on the tree.

We got our tree our first Christmas together. It just so happens that it still works great! Although I do want a real tree every year, this one has done us so well over the years. We got it at Home Depot. There is no theme just lost of color and ornaments. I would love to have more but our new little kitty likes to take them down as fast as we put them up. My fave ornament would be the white bird. I got it at Pier 1 and I love how it looks in the lights.

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Happy Holidays!

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