Heidi’s Holiday Mantle & Card Holder

Happy holidays! I don’t usually show off my seasonally decorated mantles (mostly because I’m afraid of paling in comparison to some of the incredible and impeccably decorated mantles that I’ve seen out there!), but I came up with a few simple and fun ideas this year that I thought would be worthy of sharing.

I ordered all of our stocking off of Ebay a few years ago. They were just plain and simple with our names monogrammed on them, and I added all of the felt decorations and embellishments. I just realized that Mitch’s snowman still doesn’t have a smile (I’ve been meaning to add one every year, and apparently it never gets done!), and Simon’s elf needs a pile of presents at his feet. Oops, I’d better get on that! My mantle is trimmed out with Bling on a Roll, and it makes such a huge difference (that’s much more noticeable in person than on camera!).

I picked up this old window a few months ago from a local swap meet for $20. It came from a Gold Rush era home that had recently been demolished, and the seller had salvaged all of the windows to be repurposed. I couldn’t resist a piece of history from the mid 1800’s! I strung up a piece of red & white baker’s twine and used Glitter Blasted clothespins to hang my cards.

My favorite part of having glittery and blinged out mantle decorations is when the late afternoon sun come streaming through my windows and reflects off of all of the shiny surfaces.

Our entire living room looks like it’s covered in disco ball snowflakes! Happy holidays!

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