Holiday Party Hair Tutorial

In need of a holiday party hairstyle with lots of body and bounce?  Here is my go-to trick for adding a little oomph to your do!  

Items you’ll need:

  • Large barrel curling iron
  • Hairspray (my fave is L’oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray!)
  • Alligator clips
  • Rat tail comb
 Section off the front of your hair using your rat tail comb and spray with a light mist of flexible hairspray.
 Using your curling iron, roll the front of your hair upwards and back.
After holding in place for about 30 seconds, carefully slide the curling iron out of your hair, 
keeping the curl intact.
Holding the curl in place, pin using an alligator clip (or two depending on the thickness of your hair).
 Now working your way to the back of your head, take a second section of hair and hairspray.
Just like the first piece, curl the second section of your hair back.
 Pin in place. 
 Repeat the same steps: Section off, spray, curl back and pin.
Once the top is done (I can usually do mine in three large sections), section off the sides 
and do two more curls.
Now that the top and sides are curled and pinned, take the remainder of your hair (the lower half) and separate into two sections.
Curl the last two sections. Keeping the curls rolled, pin in place, spray one last time all over with hairspray,  and then let hair sit until all curls are cool.  This is a great time to do your makeup while you wait.
 Once hair is cooled, carefully remove all of the clips in the order that you put them in (starting with your bangs/front piece first).  Gently shake out the curls and style as desired.  You might have to take your curling iron and touch up a few pieces (I tend to flip a few sections out around my face).  Add in a pretty headband or clip to spice up your look! 
A special shout-out to my dear husband who “happily” documented my hair styling session and to my son who sat quietly on the bathroom floor while we went to work.  I guess the endless supply of makeup brushes and clips kept him occupied!  :)



  1. Kari always has the BEST hair! I love this tip…I’m always struggling to get more volume at the roots…I’m definitely going to try this. Thanks for the great photos–it really helped! :)

  2. That’s it…I need extensions! SO pretty!

  3. Thanks Bronwyn! :)

    @Heidi, you can do this on shorter hair, too. It also looks really cute!

  4. I tried this for a Christmas party last weekend – it turned out great! Gotta have those alligator clips!!

  5. Kelley, your hair looked so pretty! Glad the tutorial worked well for you!

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