My Winter Wreath

I saw this idea on Our Best Bites (via Pinterest) and thought it was darn cute. I said over and over how I wanted to make my own, but how I wanted to use different colors to create a Winter look rather than the Halloween theme. Though the Halloween one is awesome, I wanted to keep with the season. This is where I found the directions: How to Make a Tulle Wreath

I figured it seemed easy enough, considering I have never done anything like this before. I’m pretty sure my dimensions were a little off. So here is my winter wreath (that really looks like a tutu instead HAHA!). I did have fun making it though. I went to the craft store and bought four different colors of tulle, the white foam wreath form, and a few little winter decorations.

After I cut strips of each color, I double wrapped them around the foam and tied a simple knot. 
Do this with all colors until the entire wreath form is covered in tulle. Even when I thought I was done I would push the sections closer together to create more space for new strips. 

Once you have used all the Tulle you need, you can add your decor. This idea can be used with any color assortments (I almost did a red, green, and white one for Christmas, but decided to just keep with my original idea of winter colors.).

I picked out a few little winter things to keep up with my theme. There were so many cute decorations that it seemed like it took me an hour to choose just the few things I did. I simply poked the wire decor through the tulle and into the foam to get them to stick in the spots that looked best to me. 
Here it is my finished project! If you’re really trying to get it to look more like a wreath and less like a tutu then please reference to the link I provided above. She did such a great job! Like most things you see on Pinterest, they don’t always turn out just like the picture! :)

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