Tea Party at Home

Time For Tea!

As kids, we all have a wonderful memory of my Grandma Tita. She was throwing us tea parties since I can remember. Every time we were at her house we had a tea party. We sat at a tiny table, drank out of tiny tea cups. We even had tiny sandwiches that were sometimes in the shape of animals. It was also not uncommon that we had a tea party 3 times a day for breakfast lunch and dinner. I always remember the smell of the cookie jar, because of course what is a tea party without a cookie on the side of your cup.

We all enjoy tea to this day. Even though I have boys, it will not stop me from having tea parties with them.

Make lunch time fun! I put our lunch on a 2 tier serving tray.
I told him you have to dress up for tea ;)

Here’s what you’ll need for your own tea party:

1. Recipes – Our favorite tea room closed, but you can still find their loose tea and fabulous, can’t live without, recipes.
2. A tea pot.  Any kind will do.
3. Fun cups and saucers – I  love an unmatched set.  Try antique stores, garage sales and the Goodwill… or here’s a cute unbreakable and eco-friendly set for your little ones.
4. Sugar cubes (always cubes) from you local grocery store, or get really fancy with these!
5. Cream – for the English tea lovers we use real cream.
6. Loose tea – there is a big difference between loose and the stuff in bags
7. Infuser – so you don’t have tea leaves in your water.  This is the most common type, but they also come in all kinds of fun shapes…like this one (a Robot! – perfect for my boys).  

Making memories

As grown ups we maintain the tradition by going to tea rooms. A tradition that my mom started for my sister and I.

Starting our own traditions

Tea Parties make lifetime memories.
Super excited about the sugar cubes!!
You are never too young for tea ;)


  1. Super cute! I am a HUGE fan of tea parties with boys (I think they’re even better than girlie ones!) :)

  2. Thanks for the link to my sugar cubes! Led me to your site! If you ever want some for another tea party (or a giveaway) – just let me know! :)

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