The Perfect Bow: Inspired by Williams of Sonoma

My good friend, Carissa, and I brilliantly decided last Sunday that we would drive up to a mall from our houses near downtown Sacramento here in Northern California.  Normally a 25-30 minute drive.  And even after our fellow blogger/my sister, Lesley, told us it was a bad idea due to the storms and flooding going on, we braved it.  It took us an hour and a half, maybe even 2 hours (I hate to admit)!  We were in the fast lane, caffeine deprived, and food deprived, so we very well might have pulled off and turned around after that first half hour or so but we were totally stuck.  We finally made it, fueled up, gave our credit cards a work out and had a great time.  Long story short – when I dropped her off she had some of her Christmas gifts out on her table for wrapping and she showed me how to wrap and tie the perfect bow like they do at Williams of Sonoma.  Carissa works there during the holidays and buys a lot of her gifts there (I would too at 40% off!!)

The bow *changed my life*!  Ok, a tad dramatic, but it DID rock my present wrapping world.  And here’s why:  Their big secret is that the back doesn’t have the knot/bump.  Check it out – IT’S TOTALLY FLAT ON THE BOTTOM!:

So here’s the step-by-step, secret bow, straight from the amazing retailer.

Wrap the ribbon under the gift and pull one side significantly longer than the other

Cross the ribbon

Pull it around the bottom (the top will have the knot/bump)

Lift up the two pieces of ribbon (this is still the top – the bottom is done/NO knot/bump!)

Pull one piece of ribbon through

Tie a knot to pull it all together like you would any normal bow

Tie a simple bow

Measure one side of the ribbon against the bow (these two pieces should be the same size)

Fold the ribbon (not the bow) in half, facing inwards/towards you

Grab your sissors and cut diagonally

There is your pretty ‘v’ cutout

Then “fluff up the bow”

And voila!  Your perfectly wrapped present

For more fun and inexpensive way to wrap your gifts this season, check out Kari’s list here!

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